Macey Wins at Insurance Business Awards

We’re not one to toot our own horn, but we have exciting news the share! Now, as the blog title implies, we did win an award at the recent Insurance Business Awards; in fact, we were finalists in two categories: Best Digital Strategy (Brokerage) and Brokerage with 20+ Staff. 

As a regional insurance broker, it’s not often that we enter awards. In fact, we’re too busy managing claims and taking care of clients to enter awards. However, as a team, we have come leaps and bounds after the last two difficult years, overcoming adversity and growing in many different ways. So we figured, why not reflect on how far we’ve come and enter the awards?

Fast forward to a lengthy submission process getting our entries in (just in time)! Being announced as a finalist was an honour, so the next stop was Dalton House in September.

After a night of glitz and glamour, dancing and enjoying delicious meals, we couldn’t believe our luck when it was announced that we won the best digital strategy for brokers Australia-wide! 

What many may see on the surface is a polished new Macey brand look and feel; under the surface, our team has spent countless hours perfecting our digital presence. There have been hundreds of hours poured into refining, not only visually but how we can be more customer-centric. We created a custom online quiz that recommends insurance policies, informative social media posts, user-friendly and intuitive website and upgraded the customer management system. We couldn’t have achieved this without the support of The Marketing Clan and Webics, who helped refresh our overall brand, so it authentically spoke to our clients. 

Winning this award is only the start of our digital journey. We have many more exciting features that we will release soon, and we hope you can join us along that journey. 

A special thank you to the award judges and the Insurance Business Awards Australia for hosting a fantastic event. 

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