Making a Claim

How our claims process works


The incident occurs

Contact us via phone, email or in person to commence the claim.

During this conversation we'll discuss the incident and obtain the required information.


Assess the loss

Your broker will discuss with you about details of the damage, loss or injury and reviews the policy scope of coverage and provides advice around the claims process.


Lodge Claim

We then lodge the claim with the insurer, so you can get on with running your business. We advise the insurer why and where the loss is covered and request assessors if required.
We then liaise with you providing advice on the next steps in the process.


Manage the claims process

After we lodge the claim, we then regularly liaise with the insurers to ensure the claim progresses. We will provide you with regular updates and assist with any specific requests. We then liaise with third party providers to ensure efficient and effective outcomes.


Negotiate Claims Settlement

We review your policy terms and conditions and ensure you receive everything you are entitled to under the policy.

We try to finalised as quickly as possible with the best outcome for you.



We finalise the claims when the insurer provides settlement funds.

We also provide risk improvement advice to ensure future risk mitigation.

Making a claim is simple

Unexpected events do occur, which is why our brokers are here to support you during this time of uncertainty. It is our mission to get the best outcome for you, so you can get your business back on track. To achieve this, please read the information below and get in touch with our team so we can get the claims process started.

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What is a Claim

If you find yourself in a situation where you have been impacted by damage, suffered from a loss, or sustained an injury you may be entitled to make an insurance claim. Depending on the type of insurance policy, you may be provided compensation to recover for losses, damages or injuries. However, you need to be careful as your policy may also have exclusions that prevent you from claiming.

Preparing for a Claim

Before contacting your broker, make sure you are prepared for questions that they may ask you. This will help your broker be able to contact insurers and lodge your claim faster. You can get yourself ready by:

  • Preparing all of the details for the incident including: date, time, location, what happened, who was present, photographs and notes
  • Check your policy premiums are valid
  • Have a list of questions to ask your broker

If you are unsure, speak to your broker as they may be able to provide answers.

Lodging the claim

Once your insurance broker has received the relevant information and has reviewed your policy, they will lodge the claim with the insurance company. If it is a larger, urgent or complicated claim your broker will arrange a visit to discuss the matter in more details.

Timeframes for reviewing the claim may vary and this depends on several factors. Our brokers do not control the insurers timeframes, however they do communicate with them for frequent updates so that can advise you of your claims progress.

Outcome Notification

Once the insurance company has determined their assessment, your broker will contact you to notify you of the outcome. Your broker will provide further information during this stage, however because of the unique nature of each claim, claim outcomes may vary.

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