Proudly Locally Owned

Here at Macey Insurance Brokers, we’ve been helping businesses in the Shoalhaven since the 1970s.

Still proudly locally owned and operated, we’ve always taken the time to understand our clients and the risk profiles of their businesses, from the largest of corporations to the smallest of sole traders.

Ultimately, it’s our mission to be confidence brokers.

Guided by an unwavering passion to provide truly personalised service with fine attention to detail, it’s seen us grow steadily over the years, to now include over 3,500 business clients across the Shoalhaven, Southern Highlands, Macarthur and Illawarra.

Every day, we give our clients the support, advice and protection strategies they need to confidently do business, through a seamless blend of ‘old fashioned’ customer service and market-leading insurance expertise and commercial knowledge.

Our Values

We’re guided by principles that shape the way we do things, and they’re the things that our clients love about us and makes us stand out.

Locals at heart

This is more than just business for us. Over the decades, we’ve been living in and contributing to – the very same communities that our clients call home.

We’re locals too, and proudly so and always looking for new ways to help.

Change Shoes

Superior understanding drives superior outcomes.

It’s why we always put ourselves in our clients’ shoes, long before making any recommendations.

While it takes a little more time to understand their business, the pressures they face and what matters most, it’s worth every second.

Promises Kept

Integrity and trust are not negotiable.

They mean everything to us. It’s why we say what we do, and we do what we say. Every time. For our clients, and also each other, our word is our bond.

Improve Constantly

Australia’s insurance landscape is always evolving – and so are we.

We pride ourselves on being agile, and our ability to constantly improve our expertise to stay at the very forefront of our fast-changing industry.

New Fashioned Service

Yes, we embrace new technology and solutions.

But a personal touch remains a vital part of what we do. Since day one we’ve been providing market-leading insurance thinking, coupled with old-fashioned client service. And we always will.

For our clients, and also each other, our word is our bond.

This is more than just business for us

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