A Day in the Life of… Macey Insurance Brokers partners with Think Regional Platform

We’ve spent decades serving regional communities with their insurance needs, but it’s our stellar team that truly drives our success. That’s why we’ve partnered with Think Regional, a dynamic hub dedicated to connecting career seekers with top employers on the South Coast. Recently, Think Regional’s Gemma sat down with two members of our team, Jason Jones and Jennifer Crow, to explore how a career in insurance broking offers more than meets the eye.

Read Jason’s Journey: A Day in the life of… A General Manager of Broking: Where No Two Days are the Same

“I prefer to be in a regional area where we can easily go out and see clients and build genuine relationships.” 

Read Jennifer’s Experience: A Day in the Life of… A Senior Broker: Growing a Family and a Career

“The team is incredibly supportive – there’s always someone to get advice from and the learning keeps you on your toes.” 

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