The Role of the Broker in the Claims Process

Have you suffered a loss and need to make an insurance claim? Whether personal or business related, the claims process is when a broker really proves their worth. The broker provides an integral service to ensure a smooth and successful outcome is achieved following an insured loss. Throughout the claims process, your broker can handle everything for you. In the unfortunate event you need to make a claim, you’ll realise the true value of working with an experienced broker.

The broker is a trusted advisor ready to communicate with the client.

When something goes wrong, the broker is the client’s point of contact. Having a personal relationship with clients means that you can feel comfortable calling your broker and knowing they’ll fix your problem. Buying your insurance online or from a large, unknown entity means you don’t have that reliable point of contact. With a broker, you always know who to call, and it’s easy to speak to your broker to explain what caused the loss.

The broker is an experienced professional who understands the ins and outs of the claims process.

The broker truly takes care of everything for the client. Assisting with completing forms and collating the necessary documents and information required to support your claim, the broker takes the complexity out of an otherwise overwhelming process, guiding the client in the right direction. The broker reads the fine print and the full policy coverage. The broker lodges the claim with the insurer on the client’s behalf, handling all communication so that the client can focus on running their business or sorting other matters. Your broker is the expert and will ensure his clients get what they deserve at claim time.

The broker has a strong relationship with the insurer, allowing them to achieve claim solutions effectively and thoroughly.

Because a broker works daily with insurance companies, he has developed strong working relationships with these companies. This enables him to deal better with them and come to the resolution you deserve. Your broker ensures the claim is presented to the insurer in a clear and legible way to assist in a speedy settlement. To do this, the broker makes sure that the insurer has everything they need to say YES to the claim and in a timely manner.

When things aren’t as straightforward with a claim, the broker can negotiate with the insurer on behalf of the client to get the maximum benefits they are entitled to under their policy. Because the broker knows the client’s policy so well, they can handle these disputes or issues expertly. In the majority of cases the broker’s knowledge and expertise is far superior to that of the claims staff who work in claims departments. The broker’s relationships with the major insurers also provides greater strength and leverage when managing tricky claims that may otherwise be declined.

The attentive client care of a Macey’s broker can directly assess risk and prevent losses from occurring, minimising the need for future claims.

After a major loss, the broker will make an on-site visit to help assess loss and can also attend meetings with the client when Assessors and Loss Adjustors are required. Before a loss even takes place, however, a broker provides assistance with overall risk management from the start. The broker will assess and analyse the client’s property or business in order to prevent the losses from occurring in the first place, advising ways of minimising risks and aiding the client to select the best possible coverage for their needs. The broker will ensure that clients have the correct cover when they first take out their insurance policies, working hard to be certain the client is correctly protected, so that when a loss does occur, they have the adequate cover to protect them financially.

Ready to let a trusted and experienced broker handle your personal or business insurance needs?

At Macey Insurance Brokers, we train all our staff to treat each and every claim as if it were their own. Our team works hard to ensure the outcome is as they would expect if it were their own loss. We emphasise personal relationships in our organisation, and when you partner with us, we get to know you as a client and work to fully understand your risks. This personalised service means we can better help resolve claims for you, as well as better prepare and prevent losses from occurring. Contact our team at Macey’s today for more information and to discuss your specific situation.

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