Why You Shouldn’t Buy Insurance Online

Buying a new home? Renovating your current property? Starting or expanding a business? Or, perhaps you’re simply seeking new insurance coverage for various aspects of your life and livelihood. We often take it for granted, but insurance is there to protect us and the things we hold dear. Insurance is designed to help us hold up in the face of unexpected, potentially devastating circumstances. Without insurance, any accident, act of God, or unfortunate disaster could result in tremendous liability, mountains of debt, and even bankruptcy. In short, a lack of proper insurance could leave your life and your dreams in tatters. Why risk it?

The question is not whether you need insurance–without a doubt, insurance is a necessity–but how you should go about obtaining it. Today, we show you why you should avoid buying your insurance online, and what you should do instead to ensure you’re fully protected.

There’s a Reason We’re Called the Pros

Have you ever felt yourself coming down with something and Googled your symptoms? It was a mistake, right? Though the Internet is a veritable treasure trove of information, that information is only helpful when used and applied properly. Self-diagnosis using the Internet is a surefire way to convince yourself your minor ailment is a life-threatening illness. So when you’re sick, you go to the doctor. These men and women are professionals, with years of medical training. They know the ins and outs of human health and are the best at offering guidance and prescribing effective healing methods. These are the pros.

When you need insurance, it may not seem as important or as immediate as your health, but just the same, you should leave these matters in the hands of the pros. Licensed insurance brokers with years of experience helping clients obtain appropriate covers makes a world of difference when it comes to selecting your insurance. Not only can they potentially save you money, most importantly, working with a broker ensures you actually have the right level of coverage.

Don’t Gamble With the Important Things

Buying your insurance online is a gamble, whether it be home and contents insurance, business insurance, or something else. Being properly insured is more than just choosing an “adequate” policy that offers a low premium. Sure, you want to save money, but you won’t save money in the long run if you’re investing in a policy that offers inadequate protection. Should the unthinkable occur, you’ll have been throwing money away on a useless policy. Insurance is far too important to DIY, especially when you have many circumstances to consider. Small businesses, for example, must rely on the guidance of an experienced broker to be certain they are covered for any and all situations which may arise. An insurance broker can examine all aspects of your business and spot potential risks far better than a simple online insurance questionnaire. Who will you trust?

Claims are No Fun

You may think that insurance is straightforward enough, and buying online can make it seem even more streamlined. If this is the case, you likely have never had to make a claim. The process of claiming on your insurance is tedious, complicated, and often fraught with stress. When you are working with a faceless online company, it can seem even more frustrating and futile. Don’t wrestle with the pain and struggle of trying to complete a DIY insurance claim online. This is the time when you need a real person to give you a hand–a professional insurance broker who knows EXACTLY what to do in these situations. Remember, claims are no fun. Macey Insurance Brokers is here to manage them so you don’t have to do it on your own.

If you’re ready to place your trust in the insurance pros, give our team a call today. We’d be happy to discuss your options and supply you with a quote.

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