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Emergency Services Levy – why are those already paying for insurance left to foot the bill?

If you are a resident in NSW, you are already paying some of the highest taxes and levies in Australia, including the Emergency Services Levy …

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DIY vs. Insurance Brokers – Which is the best for your business?

Do you currently look after insurance in your business? Whether you DIY or use an insurance broker, you may wonder which option is right for …

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Benefits of having an insurance broker [+infographic]

What are the benefits of having an insurance broker? “Times they are a-changin’” and right now business owners across Australia agree with Bob Dylan. With …

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social distancing sign covid 19

Business Insurance and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As the global population prepares for increasing infection rates of COVID-19, many health officials are warning that we should do what we can to main …

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burnt home insurance for buildings

What to do if you’ve been affected by the bushfires

If you have been affected by the recent bushfire catastrophe we’re here to give you a helping hand navigating your insurance claim. Our team understand …

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Insurance For Small Business: Why You Shouldn’t Run Your Business Without It

As a small business, insurance may be the last thing on your mind. You may believe business insurance is only necessary for larger companies and …

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Macey Golf Day

SBC Macey Golf Day drives more funds for 3 local charities.

Macey Charity Golf Day 2017 We certainly picked the day for another successful SBC Macey Charity Golf Day this year. Held at the Worrigee Links …

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IT Insurance

What Insurance Covers Do IT Contractors Need?

Small businesses, large businesses, independent contractors, tradies: do they all require the same insurance cover? While many enterprises have a lot in common, it’s no …

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Insurance Premiums

What Factors Affect Insurance Premiums?

Your insurance premium—the amount you pay on a regular basis to your insurer in exchange for cover—is a complicated number. While several basic calculations are …

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Ask a Broker: What If I’m Uninsured?

The recent battering storms which have affected the Sydney area serve as a stark reminder of the importance of insurance. With significant coastal property damage, …

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